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'Les Diamant' by Marijan Dundek - FR

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Product Description

Product Information French edition of 'Diamonds', the leading guide of its kind to learning about these precious gems and understanding the main factors that determine their value and quality. Whether coming to diamonds for the first time or already knowledgeable in the field, every reader will find something of interest and value in its pages. A unique feature of the book is the chapter dedicated to natural colour diamonds, with descriptions and illustrations of every colour group. While colour diamonds are an increasingly important part of the diamond trade, there is little information about them in the popular literature, and their full treatment here has received much praise from readers. The story of diamonds is told from their humble origins in the form of carbon, the most basic element of life, through their many transformations by the forces of nature and the human hand on their way to becoming beautiful gems. The book is equally informative about the recent history of diamonds and the forces re-shaping the industry today, including the global shifts in centres of production and distribution, the implementing of international ethical standards within the trade, and the emerging roles of China, India and Russia as major players in the diamond market. In expanding the book's international reach through its translation into six languages, the author aims to promote the highest standards of good practice in the diamond industry to a wider audience. 'Diamonds' is designed with equal attention to the text, written in clear and jargon-free language, and the images, which show diamonds in their full range of cuts, shapes and colours, along with some of the world's most stunning contemporary and historic diamonds.