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Exotic Gems, Volume 4

Exotic Gems, Volume 4: How to Identify, Evaluate and Select Jade and Abalone Pearls Explains with color photos the price factors and identifying traits of jade and abalone pearls. Jade is shown shown not only loose but also in jewelry, in the rough and as beads. Fun facts, historical anecdotes, geographic sources, gem treatment information, cutting sequences, advanced identification methods and tips on gem care are included along with diagrams and tables to aid in identification and evaluation.
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Product Description

Buying jade is a challenge because its value can vary significantly depending on its quality and treatment status. Moreover, fake jade is prevalent in the marketplace. Exotic Gems, Volume 4 describes with text and photos how to evaluate jade quality, as well as detect imitations and dyed jade. The guide also illustrates advanced detection techniques, and compares price factors and characteristics of jadeite and nephrite jade. Abalone pearls are also covered, with tips on how to identify and evaluate them. This is the fourth in a series of books that explores the history, properties, qualities and geographic sources of exotic gems. If you’re interested in jade or abalone pearls, Exotic Gems, Volume 4 can provide you with the in-depth information you’ll need to be a smart buyer and seller. ,- Contents 1. Why is Jade so Prized? 9 What Makes Jade Special? 9 2. What is Jade? 13 Is the Omphacite/Kosmochlor Jade Issue Relevant? 17 Caring for Jade 17 3. Jadeite or Nephrite Jade? 18 Jadeite and Nephrite Jade Localities 22 Basic Gemological Tools for Identifying Jade 23 Advanced Gem Instruments for Identifying Jade 25 4. Imitation or Real Jade? 30 Jade Imitations and Look-a-likes 30 Clues Lay People Can Use to Help Detect Fake Jade 41 5. Treated or Untreated? 43 Jade Treatments 43 Clues Lay People Can Use to Help Detect Treated Jade 47 Advanced Tools for Detecting Jade Treatments 50 6. Jadeite & Nephrite Price Factors 56 Price Factors for Jadeite Jewelry 56 Jadeite Price Factors Explained 57 Transparency 57 Color 59 Clarity (Purity) 62 Cutting Style & Shape 62 Cut Quality (Craftsmanship) 63 Carat Weight & Size 63 Some Jade Jewelry Auction Sales by Bonhams 64 Treatment Status 67 Texture 67 Nephrite Price Factors 67 7. Chinese Jade 71 Jade from China 71 Chinese Jade Trade 73 8. Burmese Jadeite 78 A Brief History of Burmese Jadeite 84 9. Guatemalan Jade 85 10. Canadian Jade 91 How a Master Carver Carves Canadian Jade 95 A Brief History of Canadian Jade 99 11. USA Jade 100 Alaska Jade 100 California Jade 101 Wyoming Jade 104 How a Master Carver Carves Wyoming Black Jade 108 A Word from a Master Carver about Wyoming Black Jade 109 12. Jade from Other Sources 110 Russian Jade 110 New Zealand Jade 112 Australian Jade 113 South Korea Jade 114 Swiss Jade 115 Taiwanese Jade 115 Turkish Jade 116 13. Abalone Pearls 117 How a Cornucopia Pearl Brought Overflowing Abundance 118 North American Abalone Pearls 120 New Zealand Paua Pearls 122 Paua (Abalone) Mabe Pearl Cultivation 123 Identifying Characteristics of Abalone Pearls 124 Abalone Pearl Price Factors 127 Caring for Abalone Pearls 130 Bibliography 131