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Gold Testing Kit - Large

The kit contains:

Testing Solution for Silver,8ct,14ct,18ct,21,6ct,

kontrasol and touchstone.

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Product Description

How to use:

1)Rasp the metal piece on the surface to distinguish plating from solid gold.

2) Rub the metal on the filed area against the touchstone. The downstroke is supposed to be sharp and clear.

3) Apply the testing solutions to the downstroke.Start with the acid for 8ct and go up to 18 or 21,6ct:

Acid 8 carat affect metals under 8 carat

Acid 14 carat affect metals under 14 carat

Acid 18 carat affect metals under 18 carat,etc.

If the metal will be affected by an acid the solution will start foaming and the metal composition is under the shown level on the test solution.

4)Optional:Control your result and countercheck your finding with the testing star. (to buy separatly) Therefore make an additional downstroke with the matching gold composition of the testing star. Apply the testing solution on both downstrokes and compare the results for final conclusion.

5)Clean the touch stone after use with water carefully.Then apply Contrastol with a cloth on the stone.

Silver compositions will be tested in the same way. The testing solution for silver is based on standard 800.