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Hagerty Silver Gloves

Designation :

For silver and silver-plated items . long-lasting lustre

Ingredients :

100% scratch-free/high quality cotton solvents, polishing substances, cleaning compounds

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Product Description

Properties :

Specially treated silversmith's gloves that clean, polish and protect silver from tarnish.

Advantages :

- Cleans, polishes and protects silver from tarnish.
- Gloves permit a firm hold.
- Simple dusting with silver gloves renews anti-tarnish protection.
- Brings back the shine to silver while you are dusting.
- Silver gleams in that professional silversmith's way.
- Hands stay dry and clean.

Instructions for use :

- Slip on the gloves at the first sign of tarnish.
- Dust silver while rubbing lightly but thoroughly.
- The tarnish barrier is replenished, giving silver a longer-lasting gleam.

Contents :

1 pair



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